Mobile & Web Hospitality Platform

  • Enhace communication
    with your Guests

  • Everything your hotel needs
    to improve current
    Guests expectations


Proxinn® is a mobile and cloud platform developed for the hospitality industry, by dAPPer Technologies®. Proxinn was designed to improve communication between guests and hotel staff. Proxinn also helps you to increase hotel revenue through proximity marketing campaigns. Your Guests will receive offers and promotion notifications, on their smartphones when walking near the hotel's outlets.

ProxInn has two elements:

  • The Mobile App.

    Was designed for mobile devices with IOS or Android operating system, and will be personalized according to your corporate hotel image. The user will be able to download the app from the App Store and Google Play respectively.


    It is the Cloud Control Panel, through which the hotel staff can update the detailed information of the hotel shown in the mobile application.

    With this tool, the hotel staff, will be able to design promotions, discount coupons & offers, that will be displayed on the user's mobile devices, in real time.


  • Improve communication with your guests.-
    Because you will be in touch with them during the whole cycle of their vacation :
    • Pre-stay Make a reservation and download the mobile app
    • In-House Use information to create guest upsales & upgrades at the right moment, at the right time.
    • Check-Out Stay in touch with your customers and generate recommendations that will boost the hotel reputation, and increase reservations
    Increased guest satisfaction .-
    By offering your customers a personal tool that will help them make their stay more pleasant at the hotel, they will have a greater satisfaction in their vacation, and will recommend the hotel.
  • Increasing hotel income .-
    Through the promotions, discounts and offer notifications that hotel guests will be receiving on their mobile devices, they will be able to perform the "buy" action, and this will be reflected in the revenue at the hotel's point of sales.
  • Marketing and brand positioning, as added value.
    Having a personalized mobile app of your hotel in the online mobile app stores, like App Store and Google Play, will be in sight of hundreds of thousands of visitors to these stores, and anyone can download the app, because it's free. Users will know about your hotel, and take advantage of current promotions that you establish.


ProxInn was designed by dAPPer Technologies, an avant-garde company specialized in development, design and implementation of state-of-the-art technologies, with extensive experience in the hospitality industry
Click here, and we’ll be happy to schedule an appointment to visit you, talk more about the benefits your Hotel will obtain when implementing ProxInn and give you a demonstration.
ProxInn ProxInn can be installed on any mobile device with IOS or Android operating system It is easily downloaded from the official sites of App Store and Google Play respectively.
At the moment of implementing the platform in your Hotel, we give you access to the Cloud Control Panel where you can update the hotel info. such as: General Data, Adults and Children Activities Calendar, Restaurants and other Point of Sales Information, Room Service Menu, and more.
ProxInn Proxinn is a web and mobile platform and we promote a software as service model. We have different rent plans that can be adapted to the needs of your Hotel. Click here, and we'll schedule an appointment to talk more about the benefits of ProxInn, give you a demonstration and make a proposal without compromise, based on your needs.
Yes once the Guest has Checked In, they will be able to order from the Room Service Menu, in the mobile app, with this facility, the income of the room service department will increase.

Room Service

Your Guests can order Room Service from their Smartphone! From any place inside the hotel, your Guest can see the room service menu, place their order, and shortly receive their service in the comfort of their rooms.


Your Guests will be able to see all the information of the restaurants in the hotel, check service schedules, type of food they offer, dress code, and even make a Reservation for the restaurants that require it.

SPA / Health Center

Your Guests will be able to see the list of services offered in the SPA, and even make a Reservation for the services that require it, from the comfort of their smartphone!

Hotel Info

  • Your guests will be able to have updated hotel information in their hands.
  • They will receive exclusive promotions, offers and discount notifications in their mobile devices, while walking in the hotel areas.
  • They can book for restaurants or make SPA services appointments and shop online , from their smartphones.